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Monday, February 27, 2006

Nobodies #27 -Mobolized

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nobodies #26 ODD JOBS

Nobodies #26 Odd JobsShow Summary: Flasher, Monkey One PM, Ungrateful Nacho, Odd Jobs, Race Track Adventures, 33% less gross for Lorrie, B.O. Blame, The Great Clogged Pore Debate,(Kelli wins) Chin-ups SUCK, Jason Attended Tard School, Cold Empathy, *gurgle* My Serenade, Boomarang, Ain't No Cheap Ho, Scarves Are Good Ask Taylor, Homeless Priorities, I WON, Snapple Second, Peace Out, Voicemail from Eric Tomorrow, Vote for Mediocre, Danny, and us at Podcast Alley, Peace Out For Real. *Call our Voice Mail @ 1-229-299-5462 or 1-ACY-AZZ-LIMA Find us @ sinmngrlandfntmstranger.blogspot.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nobodies #25 Nothing Like a Good V.D.

Show Summary:
Nothin Like a Good V.D., Eating Skin, Yeah-Yea-Yah-Yay, Sappy V.D., NIN Sadness, X-mas in February, New Segue Tool, Call 1-229-299-5462 or 1-ACY-AZZ-LIMA, Smells Like Dead Fish, Pick Our Outgoing Message, V.D. Made Jason's ass Sore, Jug Band Envy, Kelli's New Favorite Podcast, For Women Of Color, A Dime Ain't Shit, Stuart From The Really Bad Podcast Serenades Me!, The Story Of Us, CLICK, Find Us, A Message From Phil, A BrokeBack Moment,~Peace Out Love~

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Nobodies #24 Walkin' a Dead Dog

Show Summary:
Jason isn't Whining, Super Cock Rocks,HHPH said 2nd Best Voicemail EVER!, Valentine thoughts, Blues Challenge, Mouth Guitar, Cabbage Patch, Sympathy Rant, SBD Remembered, Summer of the Geek, *BURP*, Tip of da Nip, Crazy Frapper Map, Grumpin' The Kong Show, Speed Poopin', Namin a Wiener, *Beep Boop*, Belly Button Barf, Maynerd, Metro Sexual Confessions, Voicemail, Kelli Puts Jason in his Place, Traffic Ninjas, Pro Bono Therepy, Snapple Second, Poppin' our Promo Cherry
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Monday, February 06, 2006

Nobodies #23.5 Impromptu for You

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Show Summary:
Oral confrontation, Brokeback Spagetti, Home Remedy Injury, Self Mutilation with a Pumice Stone, Nostril Exploration, Kelli Heals A Listener, Microwave Mishaps, Won A Contest & Sex Tips, Dating Memories, Do You Remember?, Forum Activity & Skype, Eban or Eebaun, Insane Mailer Daemon, *Jason Whines AGAIN* Google Search, NOBODIES INFESTING THE INTERNET ONE PIXEL AT A TIME, The Bell End and Perfect Nipples, Spontaneous Show, Weiner Cutting & Shaft Swelling.
Special Thank You to PUNKY RADIO for serenading my wonky tits
~Peace Out~
Direct download: Nobodies_23.5_Inpromtu_for_you.mp3

Monday, January 30, 2006


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Show Summary:
Kelli Bites Ass, *Heavy Breathing*, Kelli's Sick, Wet Nostril & The Nose Plug, Loud Breather, Manwich Battle (I win Again), *cough*, Golden Shower at Holiday Party, *Wet Sniffle*, The Party Stall, Infesting Podcast Pixels, Jason looks Scowly, Cartman Feedback, Really Bad Joke, *snort*, I am Not A Midget, *fart*, This Is The Worst Show Ever, Monkey Arms, Flava's Hoes, Playboy, Midget watching, Nut Sack, Family Feud, Drunk Story.
~Peace Out~

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nobodies # 22 Super Cock

**Please Excuse the Heavy Breathing, Jason had Sinus Boogies & was having trouble getting use to the new mics.**



New Mic Adventures, BOOGIE CHECK, *Boobie itch*, Frapper Map, Kelli Apologizes to PHIL - From BitJobs for the Masses, *TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES*, Computer Drama, Mic Feedback please, Aerowolf, With Love From Pez, New Nobodies Blog Page, RBPC Forum, Nobodies Forum, Grumpy Ass, Pizza Bitch, Fals Fart Blame, Snoring, Fuzz Nubbin', G-Haaaad a.k.a. Jihad, Running out of Undies, Government Hits should get Hits, Prude Boy, Jealous Guy, Secret Turn Ons, Name Memory, No-One Forgets The PeeGirl, Try Out The Forums, Spread The Podcast Gospel, Radio Shack Porn, Jason & Pez BFF, Furnace Torture, Comic Books ARE NOT Cartoons, Super Cock.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nobodies #21 Mystery Question

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Show Summary:
Lip Smackin', Red Parrot, Best Arguement EVER!, *can you top it*, Night Vision, *burp*, Roaches, Shayna, 40 Year Old Virgin, I'd do Jon Stewart, Mystery Question, *interuption*, http://www.thebodyshoplive.com/events.phpWeee Room Spins, Ballistics of Vomiting, *protect your nuts*, T.V. Shows, *whistle* *burp*, Poop Breath, Feasting on Panties, The Diet, Props to LL Cool J, Show Suggestions.
~Peace Out~

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Nobodies #20 - Fartacular Interview & Review

Show Summary:
Pen Stabbing, Naysayer, Thank You's, Jason Blows it, *Rewind*, Review by The Podcast Reviewer , *Fastforward*, We are So Professional, *Burp*, Frapper Map, BitJobs for The Masses , Serenity & Antonio, *MAYNERD*, Journeyto.us, Shamu Unleashed, Nucular vs. Nuclear, Baby Feet, Body Painting, *ruff*, Coloring Outside The Lines , Happy Trees on the Nipple, Half Hour Power Hour , Bibb & Yaz , He Said She Said , Thanks for Listening Again, Love You Guys.
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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Nobodies #19 - Toilet Hog

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Show Summary:
Don't Touch Me There, Dry Hands, LAME, Wolverine, Marajuana Diet, High School Hair, Johnny Cash, *Where am I?*, High School Hair, Dress Code, Princess Chair Memories, Asian Rap, Fuck You I'm Musical, Jason Apologizes, I Rock The KASBAH, Hairy Oreo Balls, Toilet Hog, Truth or Dare, Isn't He Lovely, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, *1,2,3,4,5,6* , DEBATE (Kelli wins), Bruised Ovaries Flashback, *BURP*, The Pete & Renee Show Sirius 103, He Said She Said, 3 Hour Sex, 33 Minutes, What Are You Reading?, American Gods Gods', Cliff Notes, Stephan King, Can We Go Long?, *Pee & Fart*, Internet Dating Soliquey, *back*, Nut Huggers, *shut up*, JUST FOR 1 MONTH VOTE FOR US, One Dolla, Don't Squeeze Me There, Goodbye,
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Nobodies #18 Hey! Our Mic Works.

Show #18

Show Summary:
Jason's mean, Rubbin' the wrong way, El Nacho saves Nobodies, *Google it*, Crickets on Vaginas, Issues with Midgets, Vegitarian Potlucks, Tastes like Human, Amaretto, Fart Fetish, Mine Sweeper, Poem By Nino -Birddog, Podcast Request, Serenity Now!, *Google it*, Down Syndrome tongue, Kelli never forgets, Ex's & infidelities, Whore Bump, Journeyto.us ~Serenity&Antonio~,*Burp*, Bibb & Yaz Song, Poop Dildo, Vibrator sponsorship, Sexist Remark, Calling your Boss Names, In the Beginning, I don't have a penis, *Jason eats Poop*,

Peace Out

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nobodies # 17 - My Ass is Sore.

Show #17
Show Summary:
Sexy Dude intro, *My Ass is Sore*, Edit?, *My Ass is Sore*, Poem by Birddog, *SBD*, Biscuit Pizza, Weightgain 2005, Chocolate Nugget Recipe, Sneeze Fighting, Ghetto Fabulous, Jason Fell, *My Ass is Sore*, Stinky Feet, The Golden Nostril Hair, Waxing, I'm a hot Dude, The search for Porn, Jizz Mopper, The perfect Match, Magic Mushrooms, Nasty Food Fight, *My Ass is Sore*. Come visit us at the Forums.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nobodies #16 Do I sound like a dude?

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Show Summary:
Mic's Broke, Glass in my Ovaries, Jason Moves, Alcohol Sale, The League of Extraordinary Couples, *Back* To Glass in Ovaries, SLUG BUG!, The Bet, Do I Sound Like A Dude?, War! What is it Good For?(*Boogers & Sniffles*), Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, We Ruin Christmas for a kid, Letters to Santa, Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend, Save it!, Good bye

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nobodies #15 Talkin Shit

Show #15
Show Summary:
Weight Loss contest not so good, Official Rack Of Bibb & Yaz http://www.bibbandyaz.com/ , Find us in the Forum of Poop! Puppy Pimps, Plethera of embarrassing moments, Hemorrhoids, STOP IT!, Purple Passion, WHO'S RIGHT?, Return to the Passion, Poop, Birthday Hell, "Oh my God he has a hard-on", El Nino's anonymity, Fast food comercial sex, talkin' bout Shit, Taco Bell Nutty Buddy Dance, Be Cool & Pimp, Let me Let you Go.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nobodies #14 Weight Loss


Catfight, Jason get's the good chair, Poem by Birddog, Comment's by Extra Character, Poster recieved, Kindergarten Drama,R. Kelli's Rap Opera, Birthin' Babies, Frozen Boogers, Chapstick vs. Nostril Sticks, Movie Karma, Swollen Prostate, Maynerd's a Goodboy - Today, Doggie Dominance, Too Much T.V., Jessica Simpson Naked, Rachael Brice, http://www.sinmngrlandfntmstranger.blogspot.com link to our forum, The Wisdom of Southpark, A.A. , Reach us @ Nobodies37@yahoo.com , Spread the Word, Weight Loss Contest, Subliminal Message.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Nobodies #13 - Top 13 Things a Nerd Might Say.

Nobodies #13
Show Summary:Jason's a Pee-Hole, Strong Pimphand, The great bathroom debate, Cough Medicine Gestapo, Kelli's Birthday OCD, NOBODIES FORUM, Movies Reviews & Porn, Gay Double Standards, Read To Me, Kelli gets Jason Off, One eyed Jason,
TOP 13 THINGS A NERD MIGHT SAY,Goodbye with issues.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Nobodies #12

Show Summary: Dedicated to the Tipsy Chicks, Alcoholic Snowcone, Should we make a new intro, Get the Word out!,We wanna go to Pocast Expo, Forum Bullies, I feel pretty, Shaved Beaver vs Furry Beaver, Homeless, Doggie Fashions, M.O.P.=Mothers against Podcasting, Pottergasm, Scary Movies, Getting in Trouble, Living vicariously, Cha-cha-cha-changes, Kelli apologizes to Japan, Posers, Freedom of Speech,the Pete and Renee Show, The Tipsy Chicks, Jason Fucks up-Again, Peace Out, Mmmm whipcream.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nobodies # 11

Show #11 Summary:
Contest Winner-Kevin from The First Person Show, Jason has a Blog C.J.BilbreyArtwork , Unacceptable Racial Comment made, People are people, Pyrotechnic Show, Jason Got Back, Googly Eyed Nipples, Accident or Karma, Shower Warfare, Attn: Inventors of the World, Devils Rejects, Rentals vs. Buying, iGod, What is Kelli Learnin', Trading Spouses Mom = My mom, Kelli's Parents M.I.A., Kelli's Conspiracy Theory, Harry Potter 4, Maynerdcast, Kelli's Naughty Book Club, Racial comment really Bummed Kelli out this show, GoodNight & Peace Out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nobodies #10 - Nose Pickin'

Show Summary:Guest Star Intro, Show #8 up & running, Stinky farts & Aunt Flo, Our Quiet Friends, PLEASE VOTE FOR US ON PODCAST ALLEY!!, What Nobodies likes, Sleep Deprived Arguement, More of what Nobodies likes, *FART*, Bullies, 4th Grade Stoner, Caught with a Fredrick's Catalogue, Men should Pee sitting down, Food Shot or Stuck up Nose, Nose Pickin', Lost & Found Money, Cookie Monster, Ned Pleads For Votes, *Mouth Noises*, Goodbye, Kelli Experiments.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nobodies #9

Speedy Intro, Jason Vents (Psycho Creepies), Vox Monitor Reviews Nobodies, Dolphin vs. Centipede, Paper Plate Notes, Comments, Stalked by an Owl, CHEERIOS, Guess Kelli's race Contest Reminder, Icky Glamour Shots, Halloweeny, Frosting, Kelli's Mouth, KKK goes trick-or-treating.
~Peace Out~

Nobodies # 8

Nobodies-8.mp3 Who's who?, Diddl'in, Apologies for Show #7, New iPod, He Said She Said Podcast ,Kelli Gags the Dog, Crackheads, Videocast,Future Website , Update on Kelli's Mom, Microwave the calories out, We saw someone that was hit by a car, The Reflex, PUPPY LOVE, Scurvy Neighbors,Jason almost breaks up with Kelli, The Poo Box, Contest: Guess My Race, Jeromy's our Hero, Attention inventors, Met a listener, Lazi-mans Podcast sorta, I think we're done, Jason almost got raped,

~Peace out~

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nobodies #7

I realized something after we did this podcast. I'm pretty bitchy & bossy when I get off of work.
Show Summary: Kelli's still a crip, Candy in the hole, Ubersexual vs. Metrosexual, Dumb for a minute, NBA dress code, Boobs & Belly, Jason ruins everything, Kelli's being a Dick-Tator, ROSY PALM, Kelli picks on Jason, Puppy hide & seek, 3 Dates, Gonorrhea Song, Did you fart? Kelli picks on Jason again, gettin sleepy, Bored Suberbia, The Mike and Jeff Show, we are the Lazy mans podcast, Vox monitor.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Kali Ma - Artwork by C.J Bilbrey

"Kali Ma"
I will be Trying to post some of Jason's art work between posts & Podcasts. Contact us if you are intrested in using or purchasing his work.
~Peace Out~

Friday, October 14, 2005

Nobodies #6

Dubie & Dildo, RPG Mega Mullet, Whitey's Parking Only, Kelli Sings The Blues, Doggie Dress-Up, *BURP*, Spawn Of Carrot Top, We Caused An Accident, Jason Throws A Fit, Jason's Hair Turned Dog Dick Red, Jason Tries Thinking, Myths & Home Remedies, Nasty Green Thumb, The Loudest Fart Ever, Reality TV Tangent, ~Peace Out~

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How am I already Bored?

Okay so I'm already bored, what the heck. I guess time off work when you can't do crap isn't what it's cracked up to be. I can't stay on the puter long cause my toe starts to hurt, and then my back and neck are sore from sitting in the beanbag chair with my foot propped up on a footstool. Jason was sweet enough to move the lazyboy recliner into the tv area for me. I wish I had a lap top, or an iPod so I could listen to some podcasts while I'm trapped.
So it looks like we have about 50 listeners or so, where are some of you from? I know Mike & Jeff from The Mike and Jeff Show are from the Chicagoland area, Jeromy is from the Indiana area, Brian G is from the New York area, and Rowe is from Dayton. I know they aren't the only ones though so give it up, feed my curiosity, I'm beggin. For those of you that don't know we are from the Quad Cities. We are located about 3 hours West of Chicago. What kind of music do you all like? I'm really into Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Pentaphobe, Jill Scott, A Perfect Circle, Rob Zombie, Doors, Black Eyed Peas, Tenacious D, Macy Gray. I like a buch more artists, but my list is getting to long. I like alot of songs from artist, but you know when you just like one or two songs, and the rest of their stuff is sorta ehhh ya know. If you know some good artists share them, I love finding new sounds. One of these days I'm going to play this song Jason wrote that I dig. Well I better go elevate. I hope everyone is having a good week so far.
Peace Out

Nobodies #5

Okay so we did show #5 sooner than we expected.
Show Topics:
It's okay to say Fuck, Kelli's a Crip, Toe Vanity, Infrequent Masturbation, Sucky Pornos, Kelli's Thingy Broke, Contest:"Win My Pornos", Jason's Brother, Pic's of Kelli Peeing, We Do it for FUN!, Off Work, Another Embarassing moment, Technical Difficulty, Kelli pushes Jason down the stairs, PIMPIN', Fat People, Spaghetti, Jon Stewart, Comic Book Geek, Will Kelli Walk Again? Maynerd vs. Bubba, Only Child Syndrome, Give Me FEEDBACK!!!!!. Peace Out.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nobodies #4

News Flash! Happy B-Day Jason - Death in our animal family, Replacment in the animal family, Did Gilligan fuck monkeys?, The alpha male, What was I going to talk about?, ~break~, Chris Moore Blog - Check out this site!http://yurugames.blogspot.com , We are geeks, Mike & Jeff Penetration, A BJ story from BJ (before Jason), Our first date,going over 30. Vote for us at Podcast alley. Please and Thank You!!!Nobodies_4.mp3

Friday, September 30, 2005

Nobodies #3 -

#3 is it a Magik number or a symbolic number, Party we went to, Pitchin a tent, We met Dawn & Drew, Sex before marriage, kids & food, New Boss, Challenge to all the men, Kelli is a Voyeur, iPod question, Boob & Pie for beads, Kelli needs some nookie, Later taters!
Direct download: Nobodies3.mp3

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Nobodie's #2

We have an Intro!!! http://libsyn.com/media/nobodies/Nobodies2.mp3
We welcome Autumn, and our discussions begin. Hot & sweaty @ home, Kelli's crack ho mom, our families, chicken cop, The princess chair incident, anonymity, Thanks to listeners & Thanks for the support http://boredsuburbia.libsyn.com/, and www.themikeandjeffshow.com, Prentzels, Kelli's OCD, Intro stress, Brady Bunch & Katanas (a.k.a. Let me name your baby), Kelli's Tired. Thanks for listening. We hope everyone has a great weekend, and look forward to hearing from you all. Peace Out ~Kelli~
Oh - I have a more current photo of myself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Who Are We

We are honestly just a couple of nobodies. We work, raise our kids, try to keep laundry, dishes, and housework caught up. We are equal opprotunity when it comes to making fun of ourselves & others. You all wouldn't believe some of the stuff we talk about, but you'll find out soon. We are going to start sharing our late night garage conversations with ya. I had a couple of people comment that we should have our real photos up. So as you wish *poof* here they are. We will be getting more current photos this weekend. I seem to have misplaced our digital camera somewhere in our house. I was diggin hearing from everyone. Feedback feedback feedback. we will be working at what weve been told so far.

Peace out

Monday, September 19, 2005

Nobodies 1st Podcast

Direct download: Nobodies1.mp3

So we are just a couple of Nobodies that are giving podcasting a try. We recorded our first show today September 19th 2005. We introduced ourselves talked about our pets, kids, rednecks, my hubs geekiness, his sexy voice, my foot fetish, and how we were going to fill a 30 minute segment. Please keep in mind that we are just starting, but we will be improving. I can feel it in my bones.

Peace out ~Kelli~

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Gaming Geek, Belly Dance, Podcast Groupi, & My Memoirs

Okay so Last night we went to our friends house and the kids played, and we totally Gamed. It was so much fun, this isn't a new thing, but it had been a while since we did this particular game. I love Mage!!! My Character rocks the Kasbah. She is a cult of ecstasy mage, she is me if I didn't have responsibilities.
I got the most kick ass CD from my friend Melanie and I love it more than anything. Its a Tribal Metamorphosis by the artist Pentaphobe. I have got to go to the belly dance class. Oh yeah it's a tribal belly dance type CD, Rachel Brice used it in her video http://www.theindigo.net/
The song I dig the most on the CD is "Someye" a.k.a. "Some High" Pentaphobe is the artist and he is amazing visit his site too if you get a chance very cool site. http://www.pentaphobe.net/

I have been listening for a little while to this Pod cast - The Dawn & Drew show. http://dawnanddrew.podshow.com/ If you haven't heard them you have to they are pretty dang funny. I just sent another E-mail to them asking them to call me. I don't know what I'll say or do I will probably choke like a chicken and be like uh yeah - if they do call I hope I'm not a dork ass.
Anyway, I'm trying to make myself post at least once a week. I'm sure the applause is deafening, cause some many people fricken care. It's honestly more of a discipline thing for me. Don't worry if you don't read them now you can read them in my book, cause when I am rich & famous this shit will sell.

Monday, September 05, 2005

15 Year Class Reunion

Okay so next year it will be time for my 15 year reunion. I just received a note telling me that the commitee wanted out. So the question is do I want to take some on some extra responsiblity, and help organize next years reunion? I don't know if I'm Betty Crocker enough. I guess I don't have to make it all goody goody proper smoper. I could try and just have a kick ass party and invite people I don't really know anymore.
On a lighter note we have welcomed a baby leopard gecko & a guinne pig to our family. The Gecko is Gary, I call him Fat Gary cause he has got quite the gut in the last few weeks. I'm afraid that soon his feet wont be able to touch the ground. Our Guinne Pig is Wheezil, my duaghter thought naming her that would stop her brother from calling her wheezil. He officially told her that there are still 2 wheezils in the house. The guinne pig is a junior wheezil.
Okay so I'm going to try and do better on my blogging. I know it's probablly just for my sake, but I'm just sayin.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

This is the Blue Lagoon, Yea the place where the movie was shot. You may ask, hmm why is she posting this? Well, you see I figure this represents where we are right now. We are in paradise. Everything went through we officially own our dream house. The road was tough but we survived, hey hey. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Fntmstranger finally says something

Fntmstranger, as Odin for Samhain 2004
I don't always walk around in Fro wigs. This was me for Samhain (halloween to most) 2004.
Sinmngrl got her CD, but I got mine, too. I picked up Nine Inch Nails, With Teeth. VERY good CD. Then again, I've liked all of their stuff. Trent Reznor has gone through some changes on this one, though. Pretty fantastic stuff.
I tried to get Sinmngrl to let me by a ton of CD's and books so that I can review them for the site. You know, "The CD of the Day". She didn't bite.
Some of the books I have enjoyed lately: Lee Childs newest, "the Persuader", Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"
As a sidenote, (here comes the plug), my online store will be opening up in a few weeks. Check out the link called "buy fntmstranger's artwork" soon.

Posted by Hello
Hey I bought this new CD. I thought you know what you never know till you try. This could be the most rocking CD and I would never know because some radio station wouldn't play this persons music. Naked Music presents MIGUEL MIGS Nude Tempo One. It's pretty cool. it has a very mellow disco sound to it. This picture here isn't the cover, it one of the inside picturesSo if your looking for something different to chill and relax to and you dig the 70's you might really dig this one. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pod what?

Podcasting, the innovative and rapidly growing way of "Giving the World a Voice," can transform a PC into a tool for creating, uploading, and transmitting a private radio show. I attached a link of a Dawn & Drew podcast. They can be naughty so if you don't like naughty words I wouldn't listen to it. Our friend is buds with these guys, he does shows with them every once in a while. He was Poppi (the new Pope) in an interview. http://www.dawnanddrew.com/archives/001220.php

Okay you see, I have a list. It's a list of things I wanted to do when I grew up, well one was do radio broadcasting. Maybe we'll do just one, maybe more. The thing is I will be able to check that off my list.
What are some of the other things on my list you ask? Well I'll tell ya, if you don't want to know you can glaze over and continue at the next paragraph.
A Mascot was one - Did it. Race car driver, sorta did it if you count drag racing in high school (dumb I know, but Check done). I went as fast as an escort could go. Professional ball player, umm well I played A.S.A and that's about as professional as you can get in the midwest so it will do. Professional Bowler, I bowled in a professional tournament. I didn't do so hot, but I did it. I did add Belly Dancing to my list semi recently, I have been practicing belly rolls and sorta have it, a friend of mine is in a troup, so maybe if I keep practicing and get on a semi normal schedule I could join. I wanted to be a mom, and I have to say that if I did nothing after achieving that goal I would still be content. I can't remember all my goals, but those are the biggies. These are almost all from when I was a kid, except for the belly dancing one. My grown up goals are achieving my childhood goals and then go from there.
Got Goals?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Frickin "A" yeah!!!! got a comment!!!

Woooooooo Ha our first comment. Thanks for posting Margie you rock the Kasbah! I'm so excited. I can't wait until we can podcast, cause it's really hard for me to communicate by typing. I'm a pretty expressive talker, and it's hard to type the way I speak. I hope I don't come off to retarded in my posts. Speaking of retarded. I sent my hubs a note and asked if I misspell retarded does that mean I qualify as one? I know how it's spelled, but constantly have to go back and correct my typo's I always spell it retarted. What the hell is that about? Does anyone have words like that. Words that no matter how hard you try you can't say or spell. Maybe I'm just retarted.
I have like a semi-sizable list so I'll only post it if someone really wants to know. Well I might just post it anyway whether people want to know or not if I get board or have time.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Our House Posted by Hello

House Update

Okay well it looks like we may be signing the papers and owning our dream house next week, heck it could be the end of this week. Hell Yeah!
This has taken way longer than it should,but you know what it was totally worth it and I would do it all over again to be where I'm at. I'm posting a picture with this we are the brick house. This is also a huge deal, because after this is all done we will be able to move ahead with the podcasting.
I have a huge mongous headache right now, so I must go.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Who's been here

Hey has someone been here??? I put on that handy dandy web counter, and I've noticed that it increases inbetween times that I'm here. If you stop by even if you don't have something to say could you at least post and be like hey I was here. I'm just curious, and I would totally be your best friend if you did.
Please & Thank you
Someday fntmstranger will post.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Who dat girl, oooh yeah it's foxy Cleopatra.

Okay so like one night I was home by myself, and I though ummm I wonder what I would look like with a fro. I tend to get bored when I'm home alone.
Sinmngrl w/ Fro Posted by Hello
Now there are other times when I'm not alone and I'm like hey I saw what I look like. Honey wanna do me a favor? Just put this on. I love you so much thanks for letting me see what you look like with a fro.
Fntmstranger w/ Fro. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Whoma Whata Huhah

If anyone has advice please please send help! Oh my gosh I am totally learning as I go so if for some reason stuff looks really retarted feel free to give us advice. I'm going to try and figure out links next. I tried to do an audio blog, but ummm I can't find it right now, that may take me a bit longer. As soon as I figure this stuff out I will start publishing stuff about us. :o)
Later Taters

Sinmngrl Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 07, 2005

I have a Goal Damn it!

Okay so, I have decide I want to start doing Podcasting. I talked with my hubby and he's so supportive of me and what I want to accomplish. Which is good since I want him to do it with me. I wont just start broadcasting today, but hopefully soon. We are in the middle of buying our house right now and ALL our money is going for that. I might be the only person that logs on and checks this site out, but who knows. I'm going to just imagine that one other person is checking my progess. Maybe that will push me a little harder. I'm trying to educate myself as much as I can with the art of Podcasting. My inspirations right now are Dawn and Drew. They are the very first podcast I listened to, and they were so encouraging to others. I don't know them but the seem way cool.
I will try and get some pictures of myself & my hubs on here.
Weeeee I'm so hoping this will be fun.
I will try and tell more about myself, my hubs, and our life, and the progress of our Podcasting.